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Improve efficiency with
Control System
Management Software

TekDataLocker provides the tools you need to manage your control system software, audio programs, Cad files and programmers.

This web based system allows you to become the librarian and assign privileges for checking software in and out, while providing a logistical map for ease of finding the data.

Through the use of TekDataLocker, a better method to manage the control software and documentation for classrooms, conference rooms, customer sites and programmers can be achieved, providing for more efficiency and less chance of lost data assets.





  • With TekDataLocker, you get a secure web based file management system to store and share files of any type. Users simply use their web browser to upload and download files.
  • Each TekDataLocker account is supported by an independent database along with certified Secure Sockets communications (SSL) providing maximum file security.
  • Your customers and employees can access and modify files more efficiently. There is no longer a need for exchanging files via email, or worrying about files being removed by email security.
  • With version control, you and your customers can be assured that control software and documentation are the latest. Administrators are subsequently better able to manage the different versions of software and keep track of programmer activity.
  • Using the integrated physical layout TreeView allows for quick access to installed rooms. Other document management systems usually just provide a shopping list of files which can be confusing. With the layout TreeView, you can easily add room folders and any additional subfolders as needed to provide a logical structure to the data. From this point, it is just click on the room folder to access any data pertaining to that room.
  • Sometimes two or more programmers need to work on the same program. For example; a high level programmer working in the office uploads a program into TekDataLocker, while out in the field a technician checks out the program, modifies it and then checks the program back in. TekDataLocker creates a new version of the program while allowing for retrieval of an earlier version. Once a program or document is loaded into TekDataLocker, it must be checked out to be worked on. Only the programmer that checked out the program can upload a new version back into TekDataLocker.
  • It is the administrator who decides who has access and the type of access to the programs and files. It may be the case that multiple programmers only need access to the current job they are working on, or technicians only need to have read only access to documentation and drawings. TekDataLocker provides this flexibility.
  • With built in selective email notifications, administrators can keep informed on programmer downloads or uploads of their progress.
  • With built in selective email notifications, administrators can keep informed on programmer downloads or uploads and their progress.
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